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Simon was once the friendly neighborhood undertaker, until death after death plagued upon him. Lost in his own madness, Simon secretly performed autopsies and experiments to resurrect the dearly departed. Unsuccessful in his efforts, his procedures have created heinous mutations which dwell within the walls of his mortuary. Should you choose to enter into Simon's world, you will be forced to play his games in order to exit. Alive. His game begins now.

Are you up for a challenge?

As you make your way through Simon Dark's Mortuary, you will need to solve his puzzles to exit his rooms, but make no mistake - this is NOT an escape room or gaming attraction; this is a haunted house that you have to outsmart! The amount of time spent with Simon is up to you and your group. Should you need assistance, his heinous mutations are there to lend a hand (preferably one of yours!). Just remember to always listen to what Simon Says, and right now...

Simon Says... buy a ticket!

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