Arcana Haunted Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arcana Haunted Experience?
It is a fully immersive and interactive haunted experience.

Is it scary?
We do not recommend this event to children under 10 years old.  It's also not recommended for women who are pregnant and those who have heart conditions or other medical conditions.  We do have strobe and special fx.

Is the event indoors?
Yes.  The attraction is indoors, however our queue line and box office are outdoors.  We are open rain or shine and will provide a dry space due to rain.

How much does it cost?
Click HERE for that information.

Will the actors touch me?
The actors will not physically grab or restrain you.  You may be inadvertently touched or brushed due to the close proximity. Please DO NOT touch our actors.

The wait is too long, Can I get a refund?
We do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  But long lines only mean we are loved.  We can suggest other options. We will honor your Arcana Haunted Experience ticket any other night we are open.  We recommend coming early in the month to avoid the long lines as we move closer to Halloween.  Should you choose to come later in the month, we suggest purchasing your ticket and getting in line for our 7:00 pm start.  Purchasing your ticket online will also eliminate the wait at the box office.  (link to ticket page)

Can I leave if I'm too afraid to continue?
Of course, we don't want to inflict that much pain on anyone.  Simply let an actor know you would like to leave and they will escort you to the nearest exit, where security or a manager will escort you back to the queue line area.  Please be sure you want to leave, since there are no refunds and you will not be allowed back inside.

How many people do you allow in at one time?
They will be groups of 6.  If you do not know them, you will get to know them very quickly.

What are your hours?
Click HERE for that information.

Do I need to book in advance?
No, we do not close until the last soul has been through.

I would love to scare the heck out of people, how do I work for you?
Please send an email to

Can I make money without scaring?
You bet!  We have non scare positions and an affiliate program. Please send an email to

I have a question you did not address?
Please email us at

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